Austen Morris Phone Calls

„Hello, is this George?“
„Hello, this is Melissa from Austen Morris Associates, do you have a minute?“
Every month I get a call from her, to sell me something.
Not this time!
Imagine my voice deeper as usual..

„Oh, hi Melissa, what is your last name?“
„aahm.. Palomera“

„Ah, Melissa Palomera, oh, there are quite some on Facebook!“
„ you have a minute“

„So, Melissa, are you in Shanghai or in Beijing?“
„Ahhmm.. .. Shanghai“

„Oh, that is nice, did we meet, I do not recognize your name..we could meet here in Shanghai!“
„Ehm, I am from Austen Morris Associates and we are..“

„Yes, I know that, but what do you do on weekends Melissa?“
„Ehhmm.. we provide financial planing for expats“
„Shame, we did not meet yet, Melissa!“

„Ohh, I want to talk to you about our programm“
„Well, you do not seem to recognize me, Melissa“
„Yes, ever month, Melissa, you call me and I never buy your services, same this time, goodbye“

Well, I wasn’t in the mood for a long call, we will see, if she calls back..

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