Aberfeldy 12

Almost 3 years ago, Jon took me on an adventure.
Go see Japan, Jorge!
and there we went, to Fukuoka.
Not telling you all the Shenanigans, that is for my comic /graphic novel to do.
But one evening we beachheaded into a small whisky bar.
Jon got there a first class lecture on destilling art.
By me and the Japanese . Myself was not lost in translation, due to Jon s finest language skills.
Twelfty whiskys later, we got a sample and some nice moments richer.



As you can see,that whisky is made out of 12 cows.

Hint of honey and oak, very sweet. Goes down.. not smooth, but light and easy; )

Thanks,  Jon for an awesome trip to Japan and getting me addicted to that fun country Nippon!

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