Twin Peaks

Floriel .. you still hate me for Stealth, I guess..
There is no other reason, why you would have mentioned Twin Peaks to me.
This TV Series is horrible and garstly bad!
One of the worst pieces of TV.
Bad overacting, incredible stupid script and music not even worth mentioning.
I absolutly hate it.
And you made me watch all 30 episodes.

If you want to watch good TV, look for
True Detective

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3 Kommentare zu Twin Peaks

  1. floriel sagt:

    I really tried, but you closed the door to enlightening in your heart. 🙂

    I watched True Detective and it is good. When I will have finished Top of the Lake I will try Fortitude, thanks for the advise.
    But nothing can match Twin Peaks. The „overacting“ is brilliant and makes perfect sense, „thumb up“ Cooper.
    The music is…..*I can only smile full of join* 😀
    The story and the characters are an unmatched document of the period and timeless at the same time.

    Last weekend I watch the movie Twin Peaks. Fire Walk with Me
    I think you are not prepared for this. 😀

    …the owls are not what they seem…

  2. isnochys sagt:

    Mademoiselle is ROFLing here because of your comment!
    J. should strike you with hours of Teletubbies!
    I cures you!

  3. floriel sagt:

    Oh great! Did she also watched it?

    I prepare J. with Shaun that one day she might also appreciate the work of Mr. Lynch. We are a Teletubbies free zone.

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