Reading the New York Times book section, I discovered a new Neal Stephenson story.
(Wow, I _just_ got that title..:))
so, the moon is breaking into 7 parts.
Earth is doomed.
Quick, let’s hide on the ISS!
Dammit, so crowded.
Opps, so many deaths..
What happened?
the end!
That is a short summary of the book.
I loved it, the first part is awesome.
Second part a bit confusing, way ahead in the future.
And the third part is absolut to short.
Stephenson strikes again, his endings are crap.
I always have the feeling, he is running out of time.

But I loved the first part, all the different solutions, leading to the rush into space.

This is not a dystopian biook, as one qould suggest from the first part.
The last bit is well into utopian area.
Something I currently miss in Science Fiction.
More of it!
And..who is that bloody agent???

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