The Imitation Game

This Sunday we watched „The Imitation Game„.
The Lifestory of Alan Turing. Or as you would call it, a bio-pic.
It was very entertaining and for Madame it was even educational, could I explain some historical facts now in a better way to her.
The movie itself is wonderfully awesome.
It makes you so angry and sad, that this man wasn’t appriciated more in his lifetime.
What’s the story about?
Well, Sherlock Holes is in charge of decrypting German Enigma message, naval code.
Tywin Lannister is not amused with his lateral aproach on problem solving.
But in the end, Spoiler, Britain wins. Also, Tom Branson the despicable commie spy and Mr Grove is Turings downfall.

I loved this movie!
Watch it!

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