Urlaubslektüre 2015

Vacation has been way to short!
I am so much behind on my reading list.
Due to constant entertaimnent, I was not able to finish all the awesome books I prepared.
But..there is an upside, as I did read still lots of really good titles.
I started my vacation, going from Stuttgart to Paris, from here to Rennes, to Saint Cast and staying there on the beach, going to Le Mont Saint Michel, Dinan, etc. with following book:
The Battle for Japan, 1944–45; Max Hastings
A summary of the last year in the pazific. On 700 pages.
This detailed description of WWII gave me some quite interesting fatcs on parts of the war, one does not lern about in school.
Must read for all history buffs, who know already enough on the european theater.

I tasted blood..and wanted more.
Halfway through the book, I thought of Ardennes, well, what do we got here?
Ardennes 1944: Hitler’s Last Gamble; Antony Beevor
What hapend in the last days of 1944..detailed analysis, what went where with whom wrong.
Quite nice, when you read it on a warm beach…

Finishing WWII there I looked for someithng fun and found another dystopian SciFi:
Owner Trilogy; Neal Asher
For anyone who hates gouvermnent, this is the perfect book..
I can already hear your ..“Told you so!“
Dystopian tyranny, well, could there be a good one, and what happens on earth under just one gouvernment.
Loved it!
3 books and still open end.
Recommended for all who like near future and hard Sci Fi.
And all the others who like to travel to the stars 🙂

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