/usr weg

Now this happened :
Last Wednesday, I just wanted to script something in python, but needed to install some more libraries.
Ok, let’s apt-get install it and while doing that I could also update my system.
Great there are lots of new versions, this could take a while.
But now is my french class.
Better go there, after that the update will be done.
Coming home my laptop was dark. Ok, this happens every while, just need to hard reset it.
Booting..and login screen shows up..but  no window manager..no X ..nothing..
What does df say?
/usr 54% usage.
Oh..It was 89% before..
Arghl..It lost my /usr..
What to do?
Well. I will need to reinstall the complete system..
And meanwhile switching back to the raspberry pi.
Hmm it has gpio pins..maybe with my new python script the ambilight will be working here:)))
But for that, I need to install some libraries. ……..

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