Raspberry Chaos

As mentioned before, AF did send me a survival package of beer.

This here will be my review of 

„Raspberry Chaos“

Colour :

Beerlike. Well, what did you guess? Okay , it is a bit dark. Maybe he used a bit too much Virginia blood in this batch.


Beerlike. With a hint of fruity?  I am no expert, but I guess he used some raspberries in it. Maybe that why it does smell like a forest morning of  a dark November morning.


Chocolate. With a hint of beer. But definitely chocolate.  Raspberry you say? Well, it seems he send me the wrong bottle, because that is chocolate. No cookies or swimming pool shoes. Chocolate! 


Beerlike. Oh here we are! Hint of raspberry. .wow. This was well hidden. 

Good beer. Not really sure about the season.  I would put it into winter , I guess 

Thanks AF!

I really enjoyed that beer!

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