1 Jahr

Time goes so fast. .

It is incredible how quick on year passes by, when one is occupied with a small baby. 

Oh.not so small anymore. :)) Quite the size she got already. 

Can’t believe it was one year ago, where we rushed to the hospital at 6 in the morning and still had to wait until 13:50 ffor the final result 🙂

Nowadays she does get up early like me. Weekends around 6-7 she is up and not yet running. But ready to play in the living room. Good thing, I am up a lead since 4 (time to play some games )

And how about the evenings?  Leave those to me! To us.. We go to the playground. . take a bath..eat and go to bed. It is quite exhausting, playing with Papa. She crawls to bed after that 


Thanks for one year of joy!

You survived it!;)

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