We are just recovering from a country wedding this weekend.
Petit Mademoiselle couldn’t attend, she decided to stay home with her grandparents.
(We thought she was sick, but she behaved very healthy with Oma and Opa)
Anyway, we danced our feet off.
Luckily we are in good shape due to living on the 3rd floor. And no whisky at the wedding.
Which was unfortunate fortunate.
No headache next morning, but also no whisky monologue during the evening.

this was by far the best planned wedding I have ever been invited to.
Everything just matched, colours, accessories.. used font on everything.

Nothing like our shotgun wedding :))

But we had at least whisky!


Well, Madame and me, we had fun and will be looking forward to some other invitations;)

And of course, I have another idea for an app.
When will this end?
So far I have 5 apps in the pipeline 🙁

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