Camino 2010: Madrid – Leon

8. Juli
Hundreds of km
No beer

Kudos to the spanish railroad organisation, Renfe.
This is traveling at its best.
Deutsche Bahn could learn a lot from those services here. Movies on a train! Space for legs. Seats for everyone!
Arrived in Leon..i got lost.. what a good start for my camino. I couldn’t find the monastery. But here I am. Feels already home. I know this place..very familiar. But not the people. Last time, I knew mostly all of them. Had a lot of fun reading my old journal. it seems so distant and far away..yet so close.
Is it possible for me, to know some of those pilgrims better, even after only 3 weeks. 5 weeks were not enough to have any closer contacts in 2006. Maybe this time..who knows at ths point?
And now, a girl starts playing the flute..silence her!
Make the music stop!
I got the inca sound from the train station in Madrid in my head.
Those spanish trains look really hilarious.
The room, where 50 male pilgrims have to sleep is hot and humid. They seperate here men and women. Only couples can stay together. I wonder, how many of those „couples“ are actually married..and how many have just found themselves on the way.


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