Camino 2010: La Faba – Triacastela

15. Juli
26.2 km
5 beer+++

I Have Seen Everything Now…
A, M and O stayed in a garage/shelter last La Laguna. They really look tired!
SO, let’s move on to Galicia!
Ines(I) joined us from this day on..later I heared a funny story about her.
When they walked through Ponferrade, they lost her in that city..later that day, O phoned her, where she is(16h in the evening):
„I am still in Ponferrada [30km away] .. I had an appointment for a epilation“
What? On the camino?
No way!

Last time, I had to take those pictures all alone..but not this time!
Up to Galicia
Alto San Roque
Alto do Poio
And here we meet this „International Christ Youth Group“ walking this way, for better international relation- and prayship or shit.
Sure, the walk in groups..every nation’s easier for them to talk that way..could have told you this before..:))
#massive fail


So, after 9h, we reached the alberge in Triacastela.
I couldn’t imagine, how I did 10 km more, last time..I was in really good shape at that point..not like today..always last.
But not in the alberges;)
Here, I had one final moment.
An older lady, pilgrim, walked in..with an harp in her luggage.
Yes, harp.
As in music instrument, to be played at weddings.
That’s it..I’m done!
Now I can die a good man, having seen absolutely everything.
But that’s not all. A young couple from Houston, Texas, needed for their wedding an Harp.
And this old lady is from .. drumroll.. Houston, Texas.


Some Impressions:
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