Camino 2010: Triacastela – Barbadelo / O Mosteiro

16. Juli
22.6 km
3 beer+++

No, Rain!!
There is one lesson I learned today:
My poncho is to heavy.
Ponchos tend to build their own weather underneath.
My tshirt gets wet..and cold.
I have to improve this next time.
When I entered Sarria, I remembered that city..
Damn, there are huge steps waiting for me.
Looking back and writing this down, it seems so easy, but on the way, I died again and again.
But the alberge again was really nice and ..yes..awesome.
Quite a good view we had here.
You could see and here pilgrims walking by on the road.


Here in the alberge, O paid for his clothes to be cleaned. All of his clothes and some of mine.
this was a huge pile of stuff. And not dry next morning:))
After dinner, we had one f the best cheese cakes ever!
M told H and me her cunning plan, which men when to get
Whine is such a effective talking medicine…:))
And O painted me on the cover of some pilgrims magazine.
Even I was fooled in the beginning.
Later on, the girls danced for us.


Some Impressions:
Camino, Sarria, more Sarria, View, more View, Dancing, H, Pilgrims Magazine, more Dancing

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5 Kommentare zu Camino 2010: Triacastela – Barbadelo / O Mosteiro

  1. Anne sagt:

    Schreibst Du jetzt fĂĽr Deine Pilgerfreunde alles auf englisch? Oder hat das einen anderen Grund?

  2. isnochys sagt:

    Ich schreib aber nicht alles auf englisch, was die pilger nicht interessiert kommt auf deutsch rein

  3. Marie sagt:

    Now I haven’t the choice with my two men… It’s not so funny! I have to wait for the Julien… But I’m not sure you remember exactly who is Julien!!! Oh everyday I read your blog, it’s good for me… Sometimes I think it was a dream, but it was the reality! Oh my god… Too much cervezas, vino tinto y calimocho (how write you this word?)!

  4. isnochys sagt:

    Was Julien the first one..or the married man?
    I remember that cheese cake!


  5. Marie sagt:

    The married man… I have the time to have fun… Yeah…!!! Gracias por el kalimotxo…

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