Camino 2010: Gonzar – San Xiao do Camino

18. Juli
20.3 km
2 beer+


Today we nearly lost H.
She wanted to move one, because her plain leaves Santiago on the 22.
After only one week our group grew together as one family.
This is amazing.
I would never have expected such a thing happening to me on the Camino.
Yes there is love, especially between Burgos and Leon.
Than there is companionship and good friends.
But a family?
Now I realize, that all the time I’ve spent on the camino, I was together family.
This reminds me of 6.6.2004, when Chirac told Schröder, that he will not welcome him as a freind…but as his brother..
So, there is this pain, having lost H.
It’s very unrealistic, that we meet again, she lives in canada and we in europe..
But then she told us, that she will stay and finish the camino with us.


Today, when I waited in a bar, pain from my legs showed up in my face.
A group of distinguished women entered and one lady, seeing me, asked me, if I had any problems, whether she could give me some money, if I need some.
Holy cow!
This is so breathtaking!
I have seen this group for some days, but we never talked..and here, they see me, looking with my sad face, they wanted to help me..
If there is any hope in humankind .. it’s on the camino!

Or, to quote myself from Villafranca:
„La vida esta bien!“


Some Impressions:
Entertainment, Massages

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3 Kommentare zu Camino 2010: Gonzar – San Xiao do Camino

  1. Marie sagt:

    Never love again between Burgos and Leon! It’s so sad after Leon!
    The albergue this day was so beautiful, one of the best albergue del camino de Santiago, I think so!
    We are a family, yeah!!!!

  2. Marie sagt:

    And I slept just over you, hummmm…. do you remember????

  3. isnochys sagt:

    How can I forget this, you on top of me?

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