Camino 2010: Arz̼a РArca do Pino

20. Juli
19.2 km
1/2 beer

What a nightmare..
24km to go..and I break down.
This morning I had little breakfast and a light beer and Ibuprofen.
But this was to much.
I had to sit down, next to the Camino and have a break/sleep.
Thanks to M and H, to wait for me!
You were quite entertaining!
With all your songs;)
The last 5 km were really hard for me.
Nearly not enough energy to walk.
how could this happen?
I think it was a toxic shock from all those drugs, I took the last days.


This would be so sad, to stop just in front of Santiago.
I made it to the alberge to lay down there..when the heat started.
I think I got about 40°C fever..but didn’t hot!
Dear H, put ice on my head, to cool me down.
I slept a bit, when I heard loud spanish shouting.
Again, I couldn’t understand much..just something about
What’s with saturday?
Oh..“zapatos“ shoes!
(Up until today I couldn’t understand hombre and hombro..this doesn’t make any sense, this language)
so, this girl has lost her pilgrim obviously has took them and went into town.
This was quite the scene. A lot of shouting and screaming.
A and O helped her. O translated it into english and german:
a picter, drawn, with the shoes:
„Those are my shoes! without them, I cannot walk to Santiago! no shoes, no camino!“
I didn’t remember when she got her shoes back, but I think it was just a mistake.
This was the last day on the Camino.
I was in bed.
Downstairs was a big party. But I was to exhausted, even to stand up.
How can I finish the last 20km?
Will I be able to walk the last part of the Camino?


Some Impressions:
Breakfast, Before Breakdown, Tour de Camino, Shoes

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4 Kommentare zu Camino 2010: Arz̼a РArca do Pino

  1. Marie sagt:

    No big party.. I’m sad this night.. Tomorrow it’s the last day on the camino and with my family, the last day with you..and Holly.. And I don’t want to stop.. It’s my life now, after more two months walking, it’s hard to think it’s finish.. I will miss the camino, I will miss you, my family..

  2. isnochys sagt:

    yes, you did party..and I did have fever!

  3. Marie sagt:

    I never said no party, just no big party.. A little with two glasses of gin-coca, and laughing sometimes.. We spoke a lot about the camino, and the end of the camino.. A little fiesta..

  4. isnochys sagt:

    I do not laugh!
    laughing is for the weak!

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