Camino 2010: Arca do Pino – Santiago

21. Juli
21 km


What a strange feeling.
Waking up, I thought everybody had left. But then I saw the family, A,H,M,O and I( try to find their names in my blog:)) ..they were waiting for me!
The night was so horrible, I woke up full of sweat..but fit enough to walk!
So we started the last day on the camino.
The way was crowded..lots of pilgrims.
In Amenal we stopped at a bar for breakfast.
Nearly finished, a group of students went by.
a large..huge group. The stream of students went on and on..
Damn..will they all be waiting for a compostela?
Back on the way we overtook them again and again..they walked slower, but didn’t make that much stops.
After Monte do Gozo I switched to automatic..couldn’t really think..I remembered the first time, I entered the city..
At across, some houndred meters from the cathedral, we stopped again, waiting for I.
But still, this wasn’t our last stop.
We had to wait again, just some meters away..
And here one of those old ladys asked us, if we need a room
(sounds funny, doesn’t it?;)
M H and I went with her, 45€ for all three of us, that’s ok.


All of us..
Praza do Obradoiro!
We did it.
Finished our Camino.
Their first and my second one!
I can’t describe the feeling you have at that point.

Everyone got his compostela, with „Annus Sanctus“ on it.
And a nice rich dinner!
After that, we divided, just for a short time.
The girls had to do some shopping..and me..some shopping too:))
But first, train tickets back to Stuttgart.
The main station is so far away..I had to walk, with backpack, up and down again.
ticket into pyriny(those mountains next to france) 40€
ticket on night train to paris 105€
ticket to stuttgart?? don’t know yet, had to be bought in paris.
In the station I met some pilgrims from bavaria, what a coincidence.
they want to stay until sunday jacobs day.
And back into the city..doing souvenir shopping.
writing postcards
Back to the place, where I slep this night..shower and here are the girls..move faster, we have to be 21:30 on that praza place!
And here we are.
M had bought a beautifull dress!
The place was filled with nice music..the cathedral..
„I put on all this make up..and now I can’t cry!!!!!“
poor little M, so I cried a bit for her.
Going on into a bar..with all this other music..all those songs, M H and I forgot to sing on the camino!
We have to walk again!
the music was so loud, I couldn’t really understand what they are now suggesting..
Goat Dance?
Yes, this sounds awesome..throw in goats and let them dance!
No, I was disappointed.just a normal boring dance!
tomorrow 8h train I had to say goodby to some of them..
Goodby O and I
Goodby A!
Maybe I can visit you in Valencia next year and meet the always happy people of Cordoba!
Tu es a cabron..!


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3 Kommentare zu Camino 2010: Arca do Pino – Santiago

  1. Marie sagt:

    Thanks to you.. I cried when we arrived, you remember? You were here for me.. Thanks.

  2. isnochys sagt:

    Bu you couldn’t cry in the evening;)
    I did!

  3. Marie sagt:

    Finally we didn’t find another girl with the same dress as mine! Ouf! No I couldn’t cry in the evening, but I was with you, even if I haven’t cried, I was in the same „moment“, it was magic, sad, happy… It was us, in Santiago… What a happy end! (too much things happy on the way, Happy camino, Happy Holly, Happy end, Happy pills….)

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