Dalmore + Port Charlotte

This is, again, so strange.
In Scotland, very alone in a pub, i feeld welcome there. Had instant chats and conversations.
Here in Stuttgart.. the Bar totaly crowded..I felt so lonely. No one to talk to.
Just strangers talking to themselves.
i was the only one alone in there, as usual.
again, only pairs…
I just hate my life.
Had lots of time, to think.
Which is usually not a good think, because, I think deep….
So it was today..
I can see only 2 solutions:
– quite my job
– move to another city
both are very tough choices

btw. Dalmore was realy bad.
Port Charlotte, Bruichladich made, was ok, but not as mindbending as other stuff they have..
no!! not the X4!!

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2 Kommentare zu Dalmore + Port Charlotte

  1. Badshaa sagt:

    start with couchsurfing http://www.couchsurfing.org

  2. isnochys sagt:

    I do not like meeting other people

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