Fotoarchiv / Backup

My Dad has quite the picture collection.
>200000(500 GB) of digital images.
Resting on 2 USB harddisks at home.
That bothered me quite some time.
Those 2 disks are the only backup and for us kids nowhere easy to reach.

So, why not create a solution by myself.
It has to be cheap, really cheap.
And easy to access.

Well, 80€ for 3 TB and 10€ for an Orange Pi.
(and my blog server)
That is all one needs!

First, create 2 Samba shares on the PI:
Fotos and Upload.
Dad will copy pictures into Upload, from there the PI copies it into the Fotos Share, where he can access them.
Fotos is mounted read only, there you go, encryption virus, that could possibly infest my dads PC.
A small script checks every 5 minutes, whether there is new content in upload.

That’s it!
It took me 2 Days, to copy all data into that folder and now he has 200k pictures available for all users of his network.
(And he crashed Adobe Lightroom with it;))

And no the hard part:
Take the hardware, duplicate it somewhere.
Every PI now connects to my server via autossh and some magic portforwarding:

autossh -M 20070 -q -f -N -i /home/autossh/.ssh/id_rsa -o "ServerAliveInterval 60" -o "ServerAliveCountMax 3" -R 7022:localhost:22 -R 7888:localhost:8888 -L 8022:localhost:8022

„-R 7022:localhost:22“ takes my local ssh port and forwards it to my server as 7022
„-R 7888:localhost:8888“ takes my local RPi Monitoring port and forwards it to my server as 7888
„-L 8022:localhost:8022“ takes the remote port 8022 and forwards it to my local port 8022
this is the important part.

Because now I am able to sshfs from the remote remote PI via port 8022 the share of Fotos to my local mount point.

Next step:
Setup script to rsync /sshfs/fotos /mnt/fotos
This is where I am currently „stuck“
20 of 500 G transfered, after a weekend of 100k/s
I will not go higher with the bandwidth as my parents still want to use the internet.

Major downside so far, it is hard to extend. Further clients need way too much skripting, no plug and play.
Maybe some config file storing on the blog server..idk

Fun fact, I tried torrent, but a 40MB(?) torrent file for all 200k pictures crashed every client I used;)

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