170 Stunden Mozart

I did it!
I listened to all the music of Mozart.
170 CDs, 170 hours.
I started this in July 2016, every day to and from work I had it on my ears.
From Köchelverzeichnis 1 (Menuett und Trio, Salzburg 1762) to KV 626 (Requiem in D minor, Wien 1791).

I have never been a real fan of Mozart.
Always did find his life to pompous.
And now I can say, I am also not a big fan of his music.
Some pieces are quite alright.
But for me, there was always something missing.
There are some that are moving, yes.
But nothing could hit me like the 3 Bs:
Bach Beethoven .. Bartholdy

Now, what next?
Don’t know. Will listen to my fav station BR Klassik for some time.
All of Wagner? Maybe.
That would be some torture..so, why not?

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