Camino 2010: Rabanal del Camino – Molinaseca

12. Juli
26.1 km
4 beer++

Cruz de Ferro!
But first things first..
Spain is world champion de footboolll.
I heard this shocking news this morning..but it was so quiet tonight!
Doesn’t matter, I had to go on.
Up to Cruz de Ferro, and down to Molinaseca.
Going up,up and up, I was talking to myself..complaining about the hard walk..when suddenly 2 voices appeared:
„George, you are getting slower!“
H and Betty, running up the hill, dragging me with them.
And entertaining me all the way up..telling storys, singing, talking and chating..
No, I am so comfortable being a sourpuss..don’t change me.
Ah, Cruz de Ferro. Finaly, I can put the big heavy stone down.


Walking afterwards seems to be easier, I think.
But even then, I had to break up with H.
I realized, she walks to fast..and is vegeterian..this won’t work!
But thanks anyway, H!
Wouldn’t had this much fun on the way.
Downhill, I was alone again.
And go very sentimental..als those nations, together in peace..this sounds like crap..but it isn’t

In the alberge, for the first time on that camino, I stayed in another one, as first time.
Here I met M and A again, he had to move on to Ponferrada, coz here were no ATMs..6km walking for money..that’s hard..
They have met Oscar (O), spanish guy, living in germany .. and working for „1. FC Nürnberg“ ..yes, that german soccer team..

I had dinner together with a british ex cop.
Told some amusing stories, how to catch prostitutes..:))

But nothing, absolutely nothing, prepared me for what expected me tomorrow….


Some Impressions:
Clouds, Flowers, Goats, Cruz de Ferro, Stones, same Stones, more Clouds, Camino, Molinaseca, Bridge, Mountains


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