Camino 2010: Molinaseca – Villafrance del Bierzo

13. Juli
30.2 km
2 beer(++++++)


Veinte Euros!!
There are storys, where you only have two options. You could try to quiet them down..or tell them, that there be legends!
I think, this day is one of those story producing days.
Starting early in Molinaseca, the room was already empty, I walked peacefully to Ponferrada.
Took some pictures there from the castle..and moved on.
At Compostilla, I heard one voice:
A, stayed in Ponferrada and here we meet again. First, we went into the next bar, for „desayuno“, breakfast.
After an oppulent meal, hot chocolate and Cola, back on the Camino, we started talking.
Absolutely hilarious!
Me, „hablo solo un pocito espanol“, and A, „que? no ingles!“
And one of the first things he showed me was his new mobile phone.
for only „veinte euros“
His father gave him updates, where good bars were. He works for the renfe, I think;)
So we had to stop everywhere and drink here some and there some.and exchanged stories.
I would have stayed in Cacabelos, but A urged me, to go on.
Up the hills to Villafrance. where we met H.
With more hilarity, A retold our stories, which took a lot longer that time:))
Arrived at the alberge, we were desperately searching for beer.
The place for beer is obviously the marketplace.


So we went there.had a burger and two beer..and were about to leave..
But than we had to entertain guests.
Dropping by, more and more known pilgrims sit with us, drank a beer went on, us still sitting there, more guests, more beer and „ron cola“ which ist „Cuba Libre“ in spain.
from 14h to 20h we sat and drank..
And fast back to the alberge, dinner awaits.
At that point, I was bit drunken.
I can’t remember using the shower, but H and Kim, australia, ensured me the next day..yes, I used the shower..
During dinner, I went down into the cellar, to get some drinks, sure H will tell you another story, but whom to trust?
As you can see from those pictures here, 2h am .. I was really pissed.
Can’t even remember what funny stories I told..and repeated. but that’s not my fault:)

And so the next day awaits with pure horror..


Some Impressions:
Ponferrada, Castle Ponferrada I, Castle Ponferrada II, Castle Ponferrada III, Castle Ponferrada IV, View to Castle, Villafranca, Market with guests, A and guest, crazy pilgrims, Georg and Alvaro, drunken pilgrims, Georg and Alvaro

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