Camino 2010: A Review

I hope, you enjoyed this little memory part, just one month apart from its original.
For me, it was refreshing and very deep at the same time.
I am not this big of a writer..I just tried to put together some pieces of memory and let them speak for themself.
There are a lot of stories I have missed, which of course can be told in the comments.

I simply want to say:
„Thank You!“
to Alvaro, Marie, Holly, Oscar, Ines and all the other pilgrims, I have met on the way to Santiago.
This second camino was really about the community of pilgrims.
New friendships.
Happy times:))
Without your help, it would have been a lousy, bonebreaking, painfull mistake.
But with all of was one of the best experience, vacation and joyfull time I had ever had!

I hope, we see each other soon again!

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3 Kommentare zu Camino 2010: A Review

  1. Marie sagt:

    Sure! I need to see you, and the others… Thank you too! Without you, it would be the same… Merci beaucoup, et on se revoit à Stuttgart ou en France, à Lille? Ou sur le chemin, ou encore en Espagne! Je serai très heureuse de te voir un jour en France, même si tu dis ne pas aimer… (yes you have to translate that, it’s a litlle exercise..)

  2. Anne sagt:

    Ich fand’s schön zu lesen 🙂

  3. isnochys sagt:


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