Blogging Future

I am stuck..
Thinking about my blogging future.
(My other future is already in a dead end)
After my new ideas seem to come up.
Blogging about my work is boring, and not allowed..heck, I can’t even blog what project I’m working on, right now.
Next up will be a sailing tour on the bodensee, my sister getting married, a trip to scottland and maybe a soccer game.
But that’s not interesting either..
so..I’m stuck..
and need some theme for my blog..
a constant source for articles.
Didn’t have them in the near past, just every day a picture.
So, like in real life, a dead end struck me.
Any suggestions?

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13 Kommentare zu Blogging Future

  1. Marie sagt:

    You can talk about my love stories! It’s a joke… Today I’m so happy, I spoke all the day with Julien, I missed him…

  2. Kawe sagt:

    You have to travel more and blog about it!

  3. isnochys sagt:

    Your love stories..
    for that, we all need your map from Barbadelo first!
    This was one crazy drawing!

    I would need time, money and goals, to travel more;)

  4. Marie sagt:

    But we didn’t take my map! Sh.. No story about my love stories! I’m so sad!

  5. isnochys sagt:

    didn’t you write down all the populations of the cities?
    you are so german, marie!

    sad lovestories..but you got stories at least.
    I got nothing, nada, nijente

  6. floriel sagt:

    What about news from the WG?

  7. isnochys sagt:

    oh, you mean, how about news from the WG.
    no, that’s boring..nothing’s happening here.
    Wake up -> Work-> home-> sleep
    Like I told you, I’m stuck, my life is boring

  8. Marie sagt:

    Oh! I’m german, now? why I don’t write in german??? good question!
    I’m here for you if you want!!!

  9. Holly sagt:

    Hmmm, Now this is a dilemma… What about rotating stories of Vulcans and Volcanism – catering to the science fiction AND earth science nerds among us! … I would read it… 😛
    Alternatively you could pick up a completely random hobby and blog about the adventures of learning it? Basket-weaving? Underwater oil-painting? Fencing? Tango? Or maybe this:

  10. kazonga sagt:

    oh yes that’s great! I vote for the slinky 😀

    And then you can post every day how it’s going as a slinky at work, in the park, in the Bar and and and…endless stories

  11. isnochys sagt:

    *Manuel, Fawlty Tower, Voice*
    Go Away!

    why do you all hate me?
    I hate you!

    Do youreally think, I would start a hobby, which involves sports?
    How long do we know each other?

  12. bonewood sagt:

    Theme: New day – new girl. *You* can do that! 🙂 And it goes with the picture requirement and is never going to get boring.

    You can post any girl you met in the train, or in the bar, or having lunch, or whatever.
    And you could move to tumblr…

  13. isnochys sagt:

    I will not move to tumblr.
    why should I?
    what is tumblr?

    I’m already posting every girl i meet..
    And that’s one of the sad parts..

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