One guy at work asked me, if I’m in a midlife crisis with my blog.
and he is right.
My blog is 45 dog years old.
Which is the best time to be involved in such a crisis.
And more.
I’m not in the mood to read.
Which would give me one book review per week.

You as my loyal readership aren’t as loyal or royal as you were years ago.
No good themes, no inspirations.
I’m in lack of a muse!
And it’s your fault!
Couldn’t be me.

Faster Server would be the right answer to this crisis.
Or a younger layout.
But again, I’m not in the mood.

Maybe I should blog some company secrets……

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2 Kommentare zu Bloglifecrisis

  1. Kawe sagt:

    no excuses! just look around and you will find something to blog about 😀 How about a new series „schwank aus deiner Jugend…“ 😛

  2. isnochys sagt:

    This section is called „UraltBlog“

    And you didn’t even try to find some company secrets!

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