Bad Universe

I don’t like Phil Plait.
I like his blog, but not his person.
Now, he has a tv show.
Of course, as slave to the discovery universe, he is the right choice for a Mythbusters rip off.
In the first episode, he tris to explain, what can be done, if we detect an asteroid on collision course with earth.
The effects and experiments are cool.
But not his voice.
His narration is absolutely horrible.
Every 2 seconds something with „holy maccaroni“, „holy starpuke“, etc.
„look here this is cool, I am cool, this is so exciting..“..ADHD someone?
The same way, as Brian Cockx
(See, what I did there?)
Where is Carl Sagan, when you need him?
Always quiet, always calm.
Never shouting and jumping around.

Compare this to Mythbusters.
Adam Savage is really funny.
But without his counterpart, Jamie Hyneman, he would be totally annoying.
As is Phil Plait.

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