The ongoing crisis thickens!
Ordered some books..hope to review them soon..

But what should I learn next?
Where to focus my raw power of knowledge?
A new language?
Never got the touch of JavaScript or Python.
Object orientation is still am mystery.
Or something completely different?
Project management, I liked the course in university.. but never got the likes out of the boring paperwork and bureaucrazy..which is just crazy.
Or deepen something?
Cryptography would be my first choice here.

So.. Indecision10 continues

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7 Kommentare zu Focus?

  1. Marie sagt:

    Ouiiiii Jorge… entiendo nada… 🙂 but how are you? I hope fine! I miss you…

  2. isnochys sagt:

    Ouiiii Mariiiiee..
    esta no problemo!
    So, you really miss a are so strange..and french!

  3. Marie sagt:

    Yes I miss you… really! You’re right, it’s strange! I’m strange… But I’m not totally french since the camino, since my camino’s family.. I’m french and a little bit spanish, german, canadian…
    I have no news of Oscar, and you?
    So, darling, have a good day! 😀

  4. isnochys sagt:

    No, had not heard from him in a while.
    maybe his soccer team is in trouble:))

  5. Marie sagt:

    Yes maybe… maybe he gave us a wrong mail adress, because he doesn’t love us… hum hum… 🙂

  6. isnochys sagt:

    he is 20% german..
    so he hates, just like me, everybody:)))

  7. Marie sagt:

    No you love me! I’m sure of that! Don’t deny that, Georg I know everything about your feelings…

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