Game of Thrones – Tywin Remarriage

Ok, so this was the season finale of GoT S04.
Well, it was more a wrap up episode.
everyone could say something, but nothing fancy happened.
they could have added the Stannis part onto last episode, would have made a big WTF moment there.
I didn’t really get it in the book, until Stannis was cutting through Mances lines.
Totally went pass by me.
Nice tha Hound scene, every book reader was thinking 2-3 episodes ago, the infection would strt there..but no!
Quite the surprise.
Still not satisfied with Arya knowing about Brienne.
And my last thought:
Shut the fuck up!
If yo want your legacy to continue, you would have married years ago, when Jaimie took the white cloth!
Maybe I play Crusader Kings to much, but when my wife dies, I remarry! every time!
Tywin, you had your chances, you even said so to Cersei. No excuse here, not to take another wife for you.

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