A birthday is always a good opportunity to try out restaurants one would usually not go into.
This time, my dad’s birthday, we went into Bürgerspital.
A top notch location in Würzburg.
To bad, I don’t drink wine as one would think to be reasonable for such a place.
But my parents and sis really enjoyed it.
Mademoiselle was not within our company. So she just mentioned, we should go there one day.
Well, that day might not be to soon, as my wallet is still recovering; )
Yes, Domina is a name for a wine and we also drank some Riesling.

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Drone Racing

I know a forrest, where this could be possible and would make so much fun…

FPV Racing – Crash Session!!! from Porco 777 on Vimeo.

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Very High

Our wikipedia article of today is about:
Jean-Antoine Nollet

In 1746 he gathered about two hundred monks into a circle about a mile (1.6 km) in circumference, with pieces of iron wire connecting them. He then discharged a battery of Leyden jars through the human chain and observed that each man reacted at substantially the same time to the electric shock, showing that the speed of electricity’s propagation was very high

Quality science is “very high”

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Floriel invited us to an Hangout chat.
This was quite difficult for me.
My Chinese Laptop: driver for webcam is not working.
My mobile phone: small screen, overheating and battery, even usb plugged in, nearly exhausted.
My linux station: Where are my headphones and why is hangout not working?
oh, just install hangout package..
nope, does not work.
ah, better update chrome.
nope, now chrome does not work anymore, after update.

After 1 hour, some quite funny system upgrades and moving from 2.6 to 3.2 Linux kernel:
But hey, guys, where are you?

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Blumen und Broetchen

I was just reminded of “Herrenbesuch”, a book, Floriel gave me to read some years ago..could be now 10++ years, wow..
Well, I brought from shopping in the morning Broetchen and because reasons, flowers for mademoiselle.
While paying at the flower shop, I put the bag with Broetchen on the desk and had this scene in my head:
After a one night stand, that creepy guy is coming back to the girl, not only with breakfast, no, also with flowers!

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I am Sony

Yu might have guessed it, my Blog is an delicious choice for attacks from all over the world.
I know the vector, but I cannot fix it, stupid “Administrationsoftware”
Last thing: upload new plugin, call it xcalendar and let it overlay funny stuff here in single articles.
This has been fixed.
Now I am waiting anxiously for the next surprise.
If you encounter any, you are welcome to give me a hint.

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This weekend we passed he city of Lauffen on our way to Würzburg.
Mademoiselle came up with this mental image immediately :


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To be precise Tungsten Carbide.
The purpose you might guess.
More news will follow soon;)


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Im Wesentlichen haben wir nichts hinbekommen

T-Systems CEO came to this Captain Obvious moment:’In essence, we didn’t achieve anything
Gee, I wonder why.
Maybe you should try more layoffs?
Fire another 5000 colleagues?
More offshoring?
T-Systems is not really a company known for its innovation power.
Name one product.
Always running behind the market.
Well, I guess, there will be some more “restructuring” in the coming years. And more management.
This has always helped in the past, as everyone knows.

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Last Friday this happened:


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