Lager Hell


What an awesome beer. 

This one is extremely süffig 🙂 

I just love it

Brauerei Clemens Härle Leutkirch

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Whisky und Tee

The good thing about tea is that you can drink it at work.

The good thing about whisky is that it looks like tea

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Alphatester Gesucht

My latest web app is in a very stable alpha release.
Time to hit the ground running!
If anyone is interested in a fun project, just let me know.

Here is a list of things, that are not yet implemented (and maybe never will:))

  • Facebook Login
  • Daily draw
  • Achievement pictures
  • Daily / weekly ranking
  • report users
  • message to users
  • credits tansfer
  • settings / profile separation
  • localization / translation
  • REST Api for android app
  • Website userfriendly
  • Friends / Family
  • Google+ login
  • Android app / Kivy client
  • Seasons
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Maul und Klauen Seuche

And we have the next disease on our hands.

Mademoiselle has hand foot mouth or so.

She needs to stay away from other kids, which is very hard on her.

Question is, where did she get it?

Answer to that is obvious. . The Kita. She has no other contact with kids.

But they didn’t know anything, when I called them. They seem to be in denial. Two or more kids mean they have to clean very thoroughly. 

Or other parents just didn’t tell them, which is also bad. Why wouldn’t they tell the Kita? 

So sadly we cannot visit 2fast4 this weekend. Maybe in September we will have time..

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I’ve been to the pictures thus weekend. 

Boy, was I in for a surprise.  They have sound..and are in colour! 

Yes, it’s been long that I’ve been to the cinema. But this time it was worth it.

Valerian und Véronique. .or as the French call it, Valerian et Laur..something

The graphic novels are a much appreciated read. Loved them as  boy and still do it today.

High expectations for this movie, one can say.

Bad things first. 

That love story is utter bullshit. It is Hollywood at its worst. Üärgs:(

But the rest.. just fun and awesome. The story hilarious as usual. Fantastic visuals. This is a true comic adaption.

One has to watch it. I did enjoy it:))

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DAV Familie

Madame and Mademoiselle are now DAV member also.

The whole family van go into the mountains and be save.

Not that we would try:)

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In our last order from was the companys commercial magazine.

Lots of pictures of strollers and baby’s inside.  Naturally our daughter loves to look at those. And forces us to join her reading.

One ad did catch my eye :

Nothing special there. A normal baby formula advertisement. 

But the book they are reading seems to be a bit old. Wait. I will enhance:

Yes very old.

And Chinese! 

Said my wife. I doubt it a bit. It looks more like „Former“ what ever that could be. But she insisted, one of the character looks Chinese, iron for train.

She could be right. In China I did see ads like that everywhere. They live their foreign formulas.

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I started climbing again.
After one year of rest, my arms are aching again.

Mademoiselle was so happy to be there, she did run around and had way more fun, than I expected.

But my climbing was not as intense as last year.
in a group, one does not always climb.
That was different with 2Fast4.
Climb, belay, climb, belay, etc.
And the first route was a 4-, how embarrassing.
I nearly cried, it was so hard..
But strangely, the following 3 5- routes were easy peasy.

I hope, I will be invited soon enough for another round of fun climbing;)

Maybe Madame will join me, too?
Mademoiselle seems to be very keen to grow old enough to handle it

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We are just recovering from a country wedding this weekend.
Petit Mademoiselle couldn’t attend, she decided to stay home with her grandparents.
(We thought she was sick, but she behaved very healthy with Oma and Opa)
Anyway, we danced our feet off.
Luckily we are in good shape due to living on the 3rd floor. And no whisky at the wedding.
Which was unfortunate fortunate.
No headache next morning, but also no whisky monologue during the evening.

this was by far the best planned wedding I have ever been invited to.
Everything just matched, colours, accessories.. used font on everything.

Nothing like our shotgun wedding :))

But we had at least whisky!


Well, Madame and me, we had fun and will be looking forward to some other invitations;)

And of course, I have another idea for an app.
When will this end?
So far I have 5 apps in the pipeline 🙁

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Babysitter Webseiten

So far I have never needed that service.

But wife wants to go out again, so we need a babysitter in the near future. 

Boy am I in for a surprise. 

Google web search delivers only the most sketchy and shady sites I can imagine. 

Basically those are the low point of the web. Down there with dating portals..spam servers. Ware sites..etc. I  know porn sites I have more trust in than this low vermin..
Well.. does anybody know a babysitter in Stuttgart? 


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