10 Jahre Camino

10 years ago I went on an epic journey.
I walked from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela.
Close to 1000km on foot.
5 weeks it took me.
My knees were never the same again 🙂
I met the best kind of people on that way.
Some for just a couple of minutes and others for days.
I lost some weight but gained huge amounts of experience.
The nice country of Navarra to get used to the road.
The part between Burgos and Leon, where everything is straight and flat, I just loved it. Walking over endless roads, where the landscape does not change.
That was an awesome mind game there.
And the hills of Galicia..ohh, how I did not like them..not at all.
But here at least, one gets paid in astonishing landscapes and views.

I wish I could walk it again!

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