170 Stunden Mozart

I did it!
I listened to all the music of Mozart.
170 CDs, 170 hours.
I started this in July 2016, every day to and from work I had it on my ears.
From Köchelverzeichnis 1 (Menuett und Trio, Salzburg 1762) to KV 626 (Requiem in D minor, Wien 1791).

I have never been a real fan of Mozart.
Always did find his life to pompous.
And now I can say, I am also not a big fan of his music.
Some pieces are quite alright.
But for me, there was always something missing.
There are some that are moving, yes.
But nothing could hit me like the 3 Bs:
Bach Beethoven .. Bartholdy

Now, what next?
Don’t know. Will listen to my fav station BR Klassik for some time.
All of Wagner? Maybe.
That would be some torture..so, why not?

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Fotoarchiv / Backup

My Dad has quite the picture collection.
>200000(500 GB) of digital images.
Resting on 2 USB harddisks at home.
That bothered me quite some time.
Those 2 disks are the only backup and for us kids nowhere easy to reach.

So, why not create a solution by myself.
It has to be cheap, really cheap.
And easy to access.

Well, 80€ for 3 TB and 10€ for an Orange Pi.
(and my blog server)
That is all one needs!

First, create 2 Samba shares on the PI:
Fotos and Upload.
Dad will copy pictures into Upload, from there the PI copies it into the Fotos Share, where he can access them.
Fotos is mounted read only, there you go, encryption virus, that could possibly infest my dads PC.
A small script checks every 5 minutes, whether there is new content in upload.

That’s it!
It took me 2 Days, to copy all data into that folder and now he has 200k pictures available for all users of his network.
(And he crashed Adobe Lightroom with it;))

And no the hard part:
Take the hardware, duplicate it somewhere.
Every PI now connects to my server via autossh and some magic portforwarding:

autossh -M 20070 -q -f -N -i /home/autossh/.ssh/id_rsa -o "ServerAliveInterval 60" -o "ServerAliveCountMax 3" -R 7022:localhost:22 autossh@blog.isnochys.de -R 7888:localhost:8888 -L 8022:localhost:8022

„-R 7022:localhost:22“ takes my local ssh port and forwards it to my server as 7022
„-R 7888:localhost:8888“ takes my local RPi Monitoring port and forwards it to my server as 7888
„-L 8022:localhost:8022“ takes the remote port 8022 and forwards it to my local port 8022
this is the important part.

Because now I am able to sshfs from the remote remote PI via port 8022 the share of Fotos to my local mount point.

Next step:
Setup script to rsync /sshfs/fotos /mnt/fotos
This is where I am currently „stuck“
20 of 500 G transfered, after a weekend of 100k/s
I will not go higher with the bandwidth as my parents still want to use the internet.

Major downside so far, it is hard to extend. Further clients need way too much skripting, no plug and play.
Maybe some config file storing on the blog server..idk

Fun fact, I tried torrent, but a 40MB(?) torrent file for all 200k pictures crashed every client I used;)

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Vorsätze 2017

This year I have 2 New Year Resolution:

– Code More
– Draw More

First one is obvious, I got some major projects to work on, a picture library for my dad.
The second one also, I did not draw a lot last year.
I really neglected it, yet the stories in my head still continue to grow.
I need to get them out.

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Weihnachten 2016

Still ongoing.. quite some busy holidays !

Been to many emergency rooms and doctors. She just keeps on getting sick.

Finally started the picture project. Making my dad’s pictures available for all the family.  Who would have thought, Adobe Lightroom seems not be all be to handle over 200000 pictures well. 

Otherwise at least enough Plätzchen this year for me.

And a huge amount of books. When do I ever find the time to read them?*sigh *

Well. Onto a new year! 

Cheers to you all!

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„Schwager“ from France is here.

Some traditional German things for dinner; )

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yesterday evening I had some minutes to bake Zimtsterne 


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Christmas season has started.
Time to do some online shopping.
As a father it is so much easier nowadays.
I thought..

First, the BMW Shop tells us, the product is not available any more. But one cen get a reminder, when it is again..
I receive now every morning a reminder, Product is available, go to their web page and click on it into my basket.
But that’s it. on checkout, it just says, product not available, but you can set a reminder…

And in other news..
I hacked Baby Walz.
So simple:
You log into your account, change invoice and delivery address and ..whoops.. you have a new account.
A joined account, because, one has the same email (their primary ID?).
But all past orders have now vanished.
And if you stay logged on, your new order will never show up.
You have to log out and in again, to see it.
(But you will not be able to see older ones..)

As I have said in the past, people, stick to Amazon, they know their business!

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That took my a while..
I just finished Postwar from Tony Judt.
What a ride through the history of Europe post 1945.

Starting from „Stunde Null“, VE day, up to 2005, he covers every aspect of politics and life here in Europe.
That would be from Portugal to the Soviet borders, from Iceland to Cyprus.

Most of the loca, German, history, was well known to me.
But outside of that realm, I did not know that much.
What happened in Spain after the Franco sleep?
Did France lost Grand Nation status impact its politics during the 60s?
How about those communists in Italy?
What about the Thatcherism in Britain?
Who was responsible for ’68/’69 pseudo revolutions in the west?
What did happen during the revolutions in Hungary, Poland, Czech, etc.?
How was this different from their second one in ’89?

It was a very hard read for me, but incredible interesting.
He really is into the intellectual debates of the 20th century.
Sometimes very quickly glancing over political decisions, but never leaving out anything important.

So, if you are interested in Europe post 1945, this is the book to read.

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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Official Teaser Trailer

Goosebumps .. wow ..

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Wow.. m (

This is quite a shock.  

Brexit all over again.

I would never have guessed that so many Americans are that gullible. 

But we have to move on.

Let’s see how he handles that first term.

On the other hand. . Lisa Simpson 2020!!!

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