I was recently asked, what are my hobbies. But I couldn’t give a definite answer. So here is a list of things I do in my free time:

  • Waking up at 5
  • Taking public transport
  • Food shopping 
  • Parenting
  • Watching 1h of tv

That kind of fills my normal workday, work excluded. 

Weekends are the same, sans working and public transport, just way more parenting. 

I wouldn’t even know where to put a time slot for a cheap hobby. I don’t even know when I played Europa Universalis last. 

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3 Tage Weihnachten 

I am prepared and ready!


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Alte Kameraden


That is still ongoing?

I was smiling, seeing this at the bus stop. 

It has been 40 years now. That is longer ago than the 2. World War from 1977.

I guess some will always be ‚die ewig Gestrigen‘. 

This is exactly what they complained in the beginning. Not to talk about the mistakes of the past. They are now the same as their parents were, returning from the war. 

Sorry, but you lost. Get over it. 


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Last weekend we were on a winter wedding.

Yes I know my dad always says it, you only marry in March to June, so you have helping hands during the harvest and not to feed unhelping mouth during the winter months.

Anyway, we were invited. And had so much fun. Especially our daughter. So. Much.. Chocolate!

The whole day. And continued the next day, as my dad was St Nikolaus again in our village Christmas Market. 

More chocolate! Huge 200g chocolate nikolaus to eat.

But the only picture I can publish is this cat content. You will enjoy!

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Post aus Texas

We received a card from Texas

Thanks P.!

We are very happy to get the wishes from you.. And right back at ya! :)) 

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We didn’t expect that reaction..

Since yesterday our Adventskalender is on the wall:

And our daughter was not to be stopped. She cried and throw a tantrum, because she couldn’t open any package. 

(not that there is much inside, pictures to illustrate activities we could do on that day)

But that is a good sign.. She has to learn dealing with frustration 

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Not sure if wife or daughter went shoping…

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Bereit 2017

We are ready for this Christmas season

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Volvic seems to have a new ad series, Star Wars.
We have one bottle on the table.
So our daughter, while eating imitates this face and says:
Yes, she looks angry and evil:)
Later she took one piece of pasta and offered it:


Didn’t find a good pic of it, here are some images:

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Es ist so

My wife started offering French classes for students, the answers on her ad are sometimes weird.. And then we have this one.

This mom did try to answer.. Clicked wrong and had to restart again. This is the complete text:

Entschuldigung, bin abgerutscht. Könnten Sie sich auch vorstellen aller 14 Tage in DXX Nachhilfe zu geben? Es ist so, wenn ich meinen Sohn zu Ihnen fahre, was mache ich eine ganze Stunde lang? Der Winter kommt und es ist kalt im Auto. Mir wäre es sehr lieb wenn es bei uns statt findet. Haltestelle AXX in DXX.
Mein Sohn geht aufs Gymnasium und die fangen aber erst an mit der Sprache, es ist noch Recht spielerisch und gar kein richtiger Unterricht.

Wenn dann mal ein Test ist, können wir ja eine Doppelstunde machen.

(just removed some localization)

The mail is very weird.. Starting with ‚Es ist so..‘, waiting an hour in the car.. Her son just started learning, but it is too playfull.

Anyway, wife answered, but said it would be 5€ more expensive, as she needs to buy a metro ticket. 

And this was the pricless answer:

Sorry aber dann lassen wir das, 5€ für das Ticket ist mir zu viel, jeder hat eine Monatsfahrkarte (oder ein Auto). Stuttgart Süd ist ja eigtl gar nicht weit, aber wenn es immer mir ums Geld geht, bin ich dann auch enttäuscht.

No comment from my side needed anymore.
My wife dodged a bullet there.
Stay away from crazy persons, people!
On an unrelated note, there seems to be a spot free for French classes in Stuttgart 😉

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