Fotoarchive – Update Juni

Nothing much happened.

Just a few things changed.
I implemented facial detection.
For facial recognition, I will need to store the numpy matrix into my DB, still working on that, but no time for it.

In other news, I had at least some fun writing bots for reddit and tumblr.

And in much more bigger news.. I am in research and development for a christmas app;)
What I need is time and 25$ Android developer fee :)))
The later I could establish with my spam bot army;)
But they are to weak due to lack of reason #1


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Python Kivy oder Android SDK

I am currently in the process to develop a mobile app for android. 

Now I have to consider what language to choose..

Python or Android SDK, which is kind of java?

Python I know pretty well and a basic app is already running. But how to get to the necessary apk file is still a mystery. 

And android. .well,it seems to be java..and I suck at java. But this would give me the opportunity to learn it. But I doubt I would meet my own deadlines. .hmm..

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5 Uhr Spielplatz 

5 in the morning.

Our daughter is awake..

Let’s go to the playground..

Because it is fresh and the only time where she is able to play here these days.

And also, our neighbours cannot complain…

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Game of Thrones Season 7: Winter Is Here Trailer 2

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We got more vehicles for our growing business. The CEO wants to increase our work, without expanding our workforce.

It seems overtime will be ahead for all employees :

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Sunday morning, 9:00

Someone is ringing at the door.. oh the neighbour from downstairs. And she complaints :

If our daughter could be not so running in the apartment. 

I have no idea how to achieve that.It was the second time she is now complaining. 

Any ideas?

Germany is not really child friendly. ..

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Liebe VVS

Dafür dass man soviel Geld zahlen muss, erbringt ihr recht wenig Leistung. 

Am 12.6. hatte die S1 2 Stunden Verspätung. Nun am 13.6. fallen schon wieder Züge der S1 aus.

Vielleicht sollte ich kein Geld mehr zahlen. Überweisung fällt aus. Es gibt Ersatzzahlungsmittel. Kommt zu mir nach hause und holt ein paar Pfandflaschen ja auch was wert. Oder?

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New Devices

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Fotoarchiv – Update Mai

Currently I am in a pre Alpha release state.

What is working, new features:
Duplicate Pictures – I do not know why, yet, but some pictures did get different md5sum, while being the exact copy of each other. Imagehash scans those pictures again and looks for duplicates. will be shown on page at the bottom. (Fun Fact, imagehash installation did overheat my orangePi all the time, has to be done on another machine:()
Plain HTML – DB access on small Servers is very slow. As this is an archive, it is possible just to view the plain html files on http server. Interaction is not really necessary just for browsing the archive.
Foto Album – Set start and end date for Events, you will be able to browse all pictures on one page.
JS Gallery – pictures will be presented now in a op up for faster scrolling

Installation/Setup routine – currently the installation of a new archive is a pain. Lots of shell commands and editing to be done by hand. (Not really high priority, as this is only installed on my own server at home and my parents place. but for public alpha necessary)
Face detection/recognition – Having some boost and dlib problems, this could take some while.

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