That took my a while..
I just finished Postwar from Tony Judt.
What a ride through the history of Europe post 1945.

Starting from „Stunde Null“, VE day, up to 2005, he covers every aspect of politics and life here in Europe.
That would be from Portugal to the Soviet borders, from Iceland to Cyprus.

Most of the loca, German, history, was well known to me.
But outside of that realm, I did not know that much.
What happened in Spain after the Franco sleep?
Did France lost Grand Nation status impact its politics during the 60s?
How about those communists in Italy?
What about the Thatcherism in Britain?
Who was responsible for ’68/’69 pseudo revolutions in the west?
What did happen during the revolutions in Hungary, Poland, Czech, etc.?
How was this different from their second one in ’89?

It was a very hard read for me, but incredible interesting.
He really is into the intellectual debates of the 20th century.
Sometimes very quickly glancing over political decisions, but never leaving out anything important.

So, if you are interested in Europe post 1945, this is the book to read.

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