Christmas season has started.
Time to do some online shopping.
As a father it is so much easier nowadays.
I thought..

First, the BMW Shop tells us, the product is not available any more. But one cen get a reminder, when it is again..
I receive now every morning a reminder, Product is available, go to their web page and click on it into my basket.
But that’s it. on checkout, it just says, product not available, but you can set a reminder…

And in other news..
I hacked Baby Walz.
So simple:
You log into your account, change invoice and delivery address and ..whoops.. you have a new account.
A joined account, because, one has the same email (their primary ID?).
But all past orders have now vanished.
And if you stay logged on, your new order will never show up.
You have to log out and in again, to see it.
(But you will not be able to see older ones..)

As I have said in the past, people, stick to Amazon, they know their business!

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