Eltern Kind e.V. Tag

Today seems to be the day of Eltern Kind initiative.

This is how you get a Kindergarten place here. It is not easy. Seems it was invented be extroverted parents, who didn’t want to miss out their party life, when their kid was going to the Kita.

Anywho, our daughter needs a place I October, so we basically take everything.

And today we looked already into 2 different ones.

That is hard work, just that your kid is kept for some hours per day and not dying.

Most of the time they play with other kids. But as parent you will be member of a club and responsible for cooking, cleaning and club life, organisation stuff.

After a lot of exposure of your private life, it isn’t even sure we will get a place.

Wish us luck. In any direction 🙂

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2 Kommentare zu Eltern Kind e.V. Tag

  1. 2Fast4 sagt:

    🙂 applied for a Kita place last Friday at the local Kita. The next slot they have for us will be in May 2019…

  2. isnochys sagt:

    You should have done it already a year ago!! 🙂 it is crazy here.. Nowhere space to be seen for her..

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