I took a vacation day yesterday.
Daughter was in the Kita.
Wife was at work.
I had 7 hours of alone time.
9:00 – 16:00 Me time.
That long for the first well..years?
Since 2015, I guess, I’ve never been that long alone at home.
How joyfull it was.
I could watch the Olympics.
but WTF!
Ice Dancing?
Come on!
I wanted curling or something else fun.
Ok I better watch some TV.
Ah, 2 Episodes of „Five Came Back“ and current 6 episodes of „Back“
Oh, what else to watch?
„The Vietnam War“
Incredible insight into that conflict.
And during all that TV watching, I could continue scripting some fun stuff for Steem.

What a day!
But I didn’t play any EUIV, 7 hours is just a too short a time to start a new campaign :))
Maybe next time. I still have some vacation days left until the end of March.

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